Whatsapp Gold – Is it Premium Whatsapp or just a scam?

By | October 1, 2017

WhatsApp Gold has been making the rounds on the Internet scene for a while. A number of WhatsApp users are getting notifications to download the gold version. But is it an official release or a scam? Could the WhatsApp Gold version be nothing more than a virus carrying app that may be harmful to the computer? With the Gold version, users have been promised the ability to send over 100 image files in addition to being able to video call friends. All this is said to be possible in a single file transfer. Those who are yet to receive notification should understand that only users who have been invited to download will be able to download WhatsApp Gold.

The invite comes in the form of a message that is by itself fishy. The message is full of grammatical errors and literally promises of heaven on earth to its users! It promises users of a chance to chat with their favorite celebrities and also be able to delete sent messages!

The app is an unofficial version of the famous messaging app-WhatsApp which is why it could very well be a scam.

Those who have been invited to download the app will receive a message informing them of the new release of the WhatsApp Gold version and will also be provided with a download link. Upon clicking the link, the users will be able to install the app on their computers. However, there is worry that this may be a scam and that when users do click on the link, then spyware is installed on the computer which spyware may steal sensitive information from the person’s phone. This means that whatever you do on your phone may be tracked. Users that have received the notification do state that the number that sends the message is an anonymous one which could further support the scam claim.

Is WhatsApp Gold a scam or not?

It is best not to download updates that are not part of the official release of WhatsApp. Quite a number of people have already downloaded WhatsApp Gold. In case you find that there is no official update on the official WhatsApp site then you may very well have downloaded or are in the process of downloading harmful software on your computer.  Unfortunately, scammers do tend to make fake updates seem like the real thing. They also have a few tricks up their sleeves to convince users to click on the link and download the harmful software.


The new update promises of the ability to chat with your favorite celebrity! If this is not a scam, then I don’t know what is! This is a con and a clear indication that the update is not as it is made out to be!

There is no official WhatsApp Gold update available on the official WhatsApp page which means that you should probably steer clear of it! Also, the app is nowhere to be seen in either the Play Store or App Store-another clear sign that this could, in fact, be a scam!

WhatsApp Gold features

So far, features of WhatsApp Gold include:

  • Features such as GIO, GB, Yo, and OG are now added on one WhatsApp
  • All in one WhatsApp
  • Disable voice note
  • Disable voice call
  • Copy status
  • Call button hide
  • New Message send sound added
  • Added option to change app icon
  • Now search theme from server and install it
  • Fix verification with message
  • Add more bubble
  • New style to plus settings
  • Theme server-wallpaper fixed as well
  • Some color code added
  • Added 2 style to conversations style row
  • Option to search for renovation
  • Ban Proof
  • Dark ul
  • Pics in chat
  • Change in Emoji color
  • New tricks
  • New emoji
  • New options to change color
  • Default chat wallpaper changed
  • Change language in app
  • Status toast
  • Private mod
  • Change themes like WhatsApp plus
  • Option to set your name in main
  • Hide date & time while copying tow messages
  • Added hide achieve
  • Attach button fix now on some device
  • Add toast if someone writes to you
  • Delete send messages
  • Remove delivered tick

The above are not all the features on offer, there are others not mentioned. Quite a number of features mentioned above are what may prompt many users to actually download the app. For example, if you have always had an issue with the delivered tick then the ability to remove it would be great news!

Android users have been the most affected by the download craze which has left their phones vulnerable to hackers.  Of course, the features mentioned above are claimed to have only been accessed by celebrities-until now!

How to access WhatsApp Gold on your device

As mentioned above, this is an invite only download. However, users that do receive the message have been told that to install the Gold edition; the official version has to be uninstalled! After uninstalling the official version then you will have to download the Golden version apk from an online file hosting server. You will then have to sideload it to your system. If you search Google Play Store, you will not find the app.

Once the app has been installed, you will be provided with some new advanced features on WhatsApp. You will also have the ability you utilize different phone numbers on a single p.

WhatsApp Gold is simply a different version of WhatsApp Plus-another third-party application that is not an official application from WhatsApp. Much as many people crave the new features, they have not been supported or approved by the WhatsApp developer team. This means that if you choose to download the app then you run the risk of putting your phone and privacy at risk.

Users that have installed the app are advised to uninstall it then wait 24 hours before installing the official WhatsApp app again.

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