Top 8 New Android O Features

By | July 21, 2017

Earlier this year Google announced the latest Android version; Android O. It will be officially available later this year and it may take three to four months for the OEM’s to roll out the newest Android version. However, if you want to get the feel of Android O then you can try out the Android O Developer preview. The Android Developer preview is available for few Nexus devices and the last year’s Pixel duo. You can flash the developer preview to try out the all new Android O features.

Let’s have a look at some of the coolest and exciting features of Android O.

New Android O Features:

Apart from improved performance and battery life, Android O will come with plethora of new features. The newest version of the OS adds a whole new life to the Android ecosystem. This is the new face of Android; something you have never seen before.


Apple and Windows users are quite familiar with this feature. Most of the latest laptops also offer this feature. Now with Android O; Android users can also enjoy this nifty feature. Those days are gone when you had to close down the videos to check your messages or browse some other application. Now with this new feature, YouTube will work flawlessly inside other applications. Now you do not have to close your video to check your messages. You have the freedom to watch video while you browse other applications on your smartphone.

Better Battery Life:

With every new Android version, Google is keen to fix the battery life issue. We all know Android is not great when it comes to battery life. Google has once again addressed the same issue of poor battery life in Android O. Android is smart than ever before. If a lot of applications are running in the background, then it will automatically close the unwanted applications to save the battery life. You will get not only a better battery life but also an exceptional user experience.

Snooze Individual Notifications:

This has to be my one of the favorite Android O features. You get complete control over your notifications. If there is an important notification, but you wish to deal with it later then snooze options will serve your purpose. Just hold the notification and swipe right. Tap on the clock icon and set the snooze time. Let’s say we have set 15 minutes snooze time. So, after 15 minutes this particular notification will again show up.

snooze individual notification Android O

Custom Lock Screen Shortcuts:

Now you can select and show the shortcuts of any installed application on the lock screen. Application shortcuts will show up at the bottom of the screen. You can put your mostly used application shortcuts on the lock screen. This is a very useful feature as it will save you from the hassle of unlocking the phone to access the application.

Fingerprint Scanner Gestures:

Google Pixel and Pixel XL came with a feature where swiping horizontally on the fingerprint scanner would pull down the notification panel. Google has now made this feature more nifty and clean. With Android O, third party application developer can also use this feature. An application would just need permission to use the fingerprint scanner. And developer can use both horizontal and vertical fingerprint scanner swipes in their application. It would be interesting to see how developers will use this Android O features.

Improved File Manager:

With Android O, you will get a much better file manager. With the new Android File Manager; you do not have to install any third party application. Though it is not as good as other file managers available on the playstore but still it serves the basic purpose of a file manager.

Auto-fill Framework:

Just like any other browser applications can also make a list of auto-fill data. This one of the most awaited Android O Features. Auto-fill framework will save you from the hassle of the entering same data again and again. All your data and information will stay secure. So, you do not have to worry about the security with this new auto-fill framework.

New Emojis:

Finally Google has ditched the old emojis in favor of more traditional emojis. The new set of emojis look pretty nice. Most of them have gradient and appears attractive to look at. A change in emojis was enrolled out with the new beta release.

Android O New Emojis

Smart Text Selection:

In the midst of other Android O features, smart text selection also makes it way to the OS with newest version of Android. Now based on the type of text you have selected; you will get various option. For example if you have selected a url then you will get an option to open it in Chrome. Select a number and a dialer application will show up.

There are other features of Android O as well. However, these are the major ones. We recommend our readers to upgrade their smartphone to make the most of the Android O features. As of now there is no information which handsets will get the Android O update. It will vary from OEM to OEM. If your old phone is not receiving the update then it’s high time to upgrade your phone. If you think we have missed any other major Android O feature then feel free to mention it in the comments section.

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