Skype Preview For Android Will Allow Texting From Your PC Or Mac

By | August 20, 2018

Skype Preview for Android will soon get a new update which will bring some exciting features. Microsoft is trying to bring all your stuff from Android to your Windows PC. After the failure of the Windows phone, the company launched Microsoft launcher for Android. The launcher comes with different features and allows your phone to connect with your Windows PC. However, as per the latest information Microsoft is working on Your Phone App which will take the Android-PC connection one step forward. And it will be more than just browsing your Android phone photos on Windows PC.

Windows users are still waiting for the final release of Your Phone App as it will open a new door of sharing between Android and Windows. However, the company is also working on a new feature to share between the phone and Windows or Mac through Skype. Skype preview for Android will soon get a new update which will allow to send and receive SMS from the computer connected with the phone.

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Skype Preview for Android has a toggle for SMS connect feature under the settings menu. However, it is not active by default. With the next update, users will be able to use this feature. In fact, Skype Insider confirmed this feature via Twitter.

Well, this is not the only upcoming feature. There are multiple other features which will make their way to Skype across all platforms. Call recording and encrypted message features are worth mentioning here. All these features are confirmed by Peter on Twitter.

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