Is Samsung Internet the Best Mobile Browser?

By | August 20, 2017

Samsung is in the news lately. This time around it is not for a smartphone but for Samsung Internet; the new web browser from the company. This web browser is still in beta stage, but the interesting thing is that it is available for a number of different Android smartphones. Even if you do not have a Samsung smartphone, you can still get it from Play Store.

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If we look at the plethora of new features that come with Samsung Internet, we are forced to think if Samsung Internet is the best mobile browser? Now, this is an interesting question to answer. And there can be no better way other than comparing it with Google Chrome. Google Chrome is one of the most popular mobile browsers. According to a survey, most of the users prefer using Google Chrome on their mobile devices. So, it is wise to compare it with Google Chrome to find out if Samsung Internet is the best mobile browser?

Samsung Internet Offer Sleek and Simple UI:

If there is a winner in offering a simple and realistic UI, then it has to be Samsung. There is no doubt the browser comes with a very simple UI and offers a perfect user experience. The engineers working on it have put in a lot of effort to offer a user-friendly interface.  Most of the items are at the bottom except for the hamburger menu. It makes switching between tabs, handling bookmarks and navigating back and forward much easier as compared to other mobile browsers where everything is at the top.

Samsung Internet General UI

Keeping Secret Mode Secrte:

In all honesty, Samsung Internet provides a perfect secret mode experience. The secret mode is actually icognito tabs which most of the other browsers have. The cool thing about this mode is that you can also password protect your secret mode. Moreover, you also get an option to make DuckDuckGo as your default search engine. Actually, DuckDuckGo is a search engine which focuses on privacy and does not display ads based on your searches. In simple words, DuckDuckGo does not store your search data to feed you with personalized ads based on what you search on the Internet.

Samung Internet Secret Mode

Perfect Video Viewing Experience:

If you view videos on your mobile device, then you must be familiar with how bad video viewing experience is on web browsers. Even Google Chrome fails to offer a good video viewing experience. However, Samsung Internet offers a perfect experience with different options. If you are viewing some embedded video, then it will give you an option to watch it in full window or pop-out player.

Samsung Internet Video Watching


Samsung Internet is still in beta stage, but we are impressed with different extensions it offers to enhance the user experience. Amazon assistant and QR reader are our most favorite extensions of this amazing browser. Apart from this, there are different Ad blocking extensions available for Samsung Internet. There is a huge potential, and we feel it will soon replace the Chrome as people’s most favorite browser.

Final Verdict:

Samsung Internet is fast, sleek, and feature rich with a very simple UI. This browser has the potential to be the best but it still lacks in some areas. The fact that it is still in beta stage speaks a lot. We did not expect a product in beta stage to out perform some of the best browsers available. We assume that once Samsung Internet comes out of beta it will definitely lead the mobile browsers arena. You can download it from here.

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