Samsung Galaxy S9 will Allegedly Launch in January

By | September 5, 2017

We are still discussing Samsung Galaxy S8 and celebrating the Note 8 launch, but some rumors related to Samsung Galaxy S9 are surfacing on the Internet. According to different rumors, Samsung will launch its next flagship device earlier to counter Apple’s iPhone 8. In fact, it is exciting to the people who preferred to stick with Galaxy S7 because they did not think it is worth upgrading to Galaxy S8.

All these rumors started from the Korean website Investor. They made these assumptions based on Samsung’s OLED shipments. For Samsung Galaxy S8 OLED arrived in January; two months before the official launch of the phone in March. Now the new OLED shipment will arrive in November.

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Generally, display panels shipments arrive early as compared to other parts. And it usually takes 2 to 3 months for phone’s completely assembly. So, we can expect Samsung Galaxy S9 to debut by the end of January 2018. According to different analysts, the early launch plan from Samsung is mainly to counter the iPhone 8 sales. However, at this, we are not sure if we are going to see the early launch of Samsung Galaxy S9.

As of now, we only have rumors regarding the launch of the phone. We do not have any idea about the specifications of the upcoming device. However, one thing is clear that Samsung main focus will be on the camera department. We might see a dual camera in Samsung Galaxy S9 similar to the one we have on Note 8. Some rumors also suggests that Samsung will improve the Iris scanner in Galaxy S9 and may also include the 3d face scanning. If Samsung is able to pull this off then it would be the first phone with 3D face scanning. Having said that, we do not have any legit new about Samsung Galaxy S9 specifications.

Source: The Investor


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