Privacy Policy

DeviceBio takes the privacy of its readers very serious. We do collect certain data from our users. However, we do not sell your information to any third party and we do not misuse the personal information of our readers.

Just like anyother blog we collect some information. When you visit our blog we collect the following information from your log.

  • IP Address
  • ISP Provider
  • Browser
  • Time of Visit
  • Your Country

We do not collect your email address. We do save your email address and other details if you signup on our website. However, your information is kept private and not shared with anyone else.


Cookies are used to offer an improved overall experience to users. When you visit our website for the first time we save your activity log on servers. For now we do not use cookies for anything. There is minimal use of cookies on our website. However, as we grow we plan to use cookies to offer a more reliable and good user experience to our readers. We will definitely update our privacy policy and notify all our readers.