How to Play YouTube in Background on your Phone without YouTube Red

By | October 21, 2017

YouTube is a very famous video and music streaming website. It is one of the many Google’s products and is the most used streaming website. However, it comes with its limitations. You cannot play YouTube in background on your phone. Well, if you have YouTube Red subscription then you can easily play podcasts or listen to the music in the background. YouTube Red is not available in most of the countries. Moreover, it does not sound too wise to pay just for playing YouTube in the background.

So, I started looking for different solutions to play YouTube in the background somehow while doing some other task on my mobile phone. Finally, I was able to find a couple of working solutions. So, I decided to share those solutions with our readers to make their life easier.

Play YouTube in Background on Android:

Simple Telegram Trick:

I do not use Telegram, but I have it on my phone just because a couple of my friends use it. While playing around with the application, I found out a very interesting feature. Telegram allows you to play YouTube in background. Yes, that’s true. So, let’s find out you can play YouTube videos in the background on Android using Telegram.

  1. Download Telegram messaging application from Google Play Store.
  2. Share a YouTube video or 24 hour streaming radio station with a friend.
  3. Now open the link and Telegram will play it within the app without sending you to the browser or YouTube application.
  4. Now minimize telegram and continue with your stuff. Podcast, song, radio channel or video will continue playing in the background while you continue with your other stuff.

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This Telegram YouTube trick is very simple and will serve the purpose of playing YouTube videos in the background on Android. However, if someone like me does not use Telegram, then there is another straightforward method which uses everyone’s favorite Google Chrome on Android.

Use Chrome on Android to Play YouTube video in background:

There is another method which allows playing YouTube in the background on Android. In the latest smartphones and with Android Oreo you have the split screen option which allows you to do multitasking. It is a good feature but it is not as elegant as playing music or podcast in the background on YouTube. However, using Google Chrome browser you can play video or music in the background. Let’s find out!

  1. Go to using Google Chrome on your Android phone.
  2. From three dot menu in the top right corner tap on request desktop site.
  3. Now open the video/podcast you want to listen.
  4. If it shows a popup saying that YouTube wants to send you notifications then accept it.
  5. Now minimize the browser and resume the playback from the notification panel.

Using this simple trick now you can play YouTube in background on your Android phone.

Play YouTube in Background on iPhone:

Now let’s talk about playing YouTube in the background on iPhone. Unfortunately, Telegram does not allow playing videos in background. So, it will not work. Well, hold on. No need to worry. We have another method which is working flawlessly on iPhone.

  1. Download Dolphin browser on your iPhone.
  2. Go to on Dolphin browser.
  3. Open the video you want to listen and exit the browser.
  4. Now you can control the playback from IOS control center.

If you do not wish to pay for YouTube Red subscription just to play YouTube in background on phone then these methods are perfect for you.


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