How to Enable Developer Option on Android?

Developer options on Android are quite handy. There are many options hidden under “Developer Options” which may change the way you use your phone. Android developer options are primarily for the developers, but ordinary Android users can also use them. By default, these options are hidden in the settings menu. There is no Developer Options… Read More »

How to Downgrade Apps on Android Without Root

As soon as we receive an app update notification from Google Play Store, we head over to the app to update it. In fact, most people have enabled the auto update to keep them safe from the hassle of manually updating each application. The issue here is that we never look at the changelog. Let’s… Read More »

How to See Apple ID purchase history on iPhone

Recently, Apple rolled out few changes in the Apple ID section of Settings app of iOS devices. After this update, users are able to see Apple ID purchase history on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Though, users were able to see a list of apps they ever downloaded on their iOS devices but they were… Read More »

How to Mute Activity Reminders on Apple Watch

With the activity app on your Apple Watch, you can keep a track on your daily exercises and how much you move. After you wear your Apple Watch, the Activity app will automatically start tracking your daily movements. You will get daily, even hourly alerts, reminding you about your daily goals. For that, it will… Read More »