How to Mute Activity Reminders on Apple Watch

With the activity app on your Apple Watch, you can keep a track on your daily exercises and how much you move. After you wear your Apple Watch, the Activity app will automatically start tracking your daily movements. You will get daily, even hourly alerts, reminding you about your daily goals. For that, it will… Read More »

How to setup Google Play Parental Control

There is no specific policy from Google regarding the mature content on Google Play Store. So, how are you going to assure that your kids do not get access to the adult content? There are different parental control android applications available. However, these apps will not restrict access to mature content on Play Store. Well,… Read More »

How to Recover Lost Notifications on Android Phone

Most of the times you will find Android notification panel filled with multiple notifications. Honestly speaking, it is easy to clear all notifications at once rather than going through them one by one. However, if you have swiped some important notification, then you can still get it back. Yes, that’s true! If you are a… Read More »

Now you can get native add-ons for Gmail on Web and Android

Native add-ons for Gmail are now available for everyone. Previously, these add-ons were in beta stage. Therefore, they were available to a limited number of people. However, as of today, these add-ons are now available for everyone. Now people can use services like Slack, Trello, Evernote, and others at one place. Isn’t it exciting? Google… Read More »