Now you can turn your Android phone into a Debit Card with Google Tez

By | September 19, 2017

Google has finally stepped in the mobile payment solution in Asia. Google has officially launched a new mobile payment application Google Tez. The new digital payment app from Google is only available in India for now. Google Tez will allow you to link your Android phone with Banks in India follow the latest UPI standards. After connecting your phone with the bank account, you can make payments at physical or online stores using your phone. Moreover, you can also use it to make person to person payments.

Why Google Tez when we already have Android Pay?

Google already has Android pay. So, what is the purpose of Google Tez then? Well, the issue is most of Indians do not have NFC Android phones. Since Android pay is an NFC based payment solution, therefore it will not be widely accepted in India. Google Tez uses the latest UPI standard instead of NFC. And according to the latest report, more than 50 banks have already adopted the UPI standard.

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Moreover, it comes with two-factor authentication which will make sure that you stay safe from scams. The good thing about Google Tez is that it will work on IOS as well. And more importantly, Google released both IOS and Android applications on the same day.

Google Tez new payment solution for India

What is the Difference between Google Tez and other Payment solutions in India?

This is yet another important question. Since Tez is a relatively new service, therefore, most of the people are not aware of how it is different from other payment solutions in India. Tez is somewhat similar to Apple Pay and Android Pay. It is not a mobile wallet where you have to keep the money. It is a proper payment solution which allows you to connect your bank account with your phone. You can pay using your Android phone and amount will be deducted from your bank account. In simple words, Tez will transform your phone into the debit card.


Tez uses an API, so it works with banks like Standard Chartered, HDFC Bank, ICICI and all those banks who supports UPI. Google is now working with different food chains, transport services, online stores, and airlines to accept payments via Tez. Moreover, Google has also released an API which will allow different merchants to incorporate Google Tez as a payment option. And may be we can Tez as a payment option on stores like Flipkart and Amazon India.

For now Google Tez is only available in India. But the interesting point is that Google has already trademarked the name in other Asian countries like Philippines and Indonesia. So, we assume that Google will shortly launch the same service in these countries as well.


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