Microsoft Edge for Android and IOS is now official

By | October 6, 2017

In a surprising move, Microsoft is bringing its browser to both Android and IOS. This news was unexpected for most of the people as no one expected Microsoft to target Android and IOS. Beta or selected iPhone users can download the Edge browser right away. However, Microsoft Edge for Android may take some time to arrive, but it will arrive for sure.

Microsoft is following a very different and strange footpath to launch Edge for IOS. The company did not initiate any open beta for the browser. However, they are opting for a TestFlight. To start with, only 10,000 users can register for Edge browser on IOS. If you are interested, then you should check this.

Microsoft Edge for Android

Microsoft Edge for Android is not yet available. However, Android users can also signup for beta from the above link. And as soon as Edge browser is available for Android they can download it right away from Google Play Store.

It is quite interesting to point out that Edge browser is not using the default EdgeHTML layout engine. However, the browser is using the Operating system’s default engine. So, for Android, it will use Blink/Chromium, and for IOS it will use WebKit/WKWebView. In fact, it is quite wise decision to go with operating system’s default. If Microsoft had used EdgeHTML layout engine, then they had to deal with many other issues for example responsiveness and battery life.

Microsoft Edge for Android and IOS will synchronize your browsing with your PC. It comes with some familar features like Reading view, Reading list and new tab page. However, one unique feature is that it allows you to open the same page you are viewing on mobile device on  your PC right away. You can save it for later as well.

Source: Windows Blog

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