Learn the Simple Way to Unsend an Email With Gmail

By | August 21, 2018

You were sending an email to your colleague Mark Ma about your boss, and you sent it to your boss Mark Stem. Well, it may not be too late to unsend your email if you use Gmail. After the latest update, you can easily unsend an email with Gmail if you act quickly.

Now in Gmail, you can set a pause of up to 30 seconds before your email is delivered after you click send. You can easily unsend an email with Gmail just to remove the wrong recipient, fix poor grammar or spelling mistakes. However, this feature is not turned on by default. And to use this new feature you will have to turn it on from the settings menu.

How to Enable Undo Send Feature in Gmail?

Here is complete method to enable the delay in delivery of your sent email. You can add a pause of up to 30 seconds which will allow you to unsend your email.

  1. Open the settings menu in your Gmail account
  2. Open the General tab and go to Undo section
  3. Check Unable Undo Send and select the number of seconds from 5 to 30
  4. Click Save Changes

How to Unsend an Email with Gmail?

After enabling the undo send feature you can easily unsend an email with Gmail within few seconds after you send it. There are two different ways.

  1. Click Undo right next to the message that appears after sending the email. Once you click undo it will unsend the email and you can make the desired changes and send the same email again.
  2. The other method is to tap the Z key on your keyboard and it will unsend the email for you.

How to Unsend an Email with Gmail Mobile App?

You can also undo email from your Android and IOS gmail application. As soon as you send an email, a message appears on the bottom of the screen with Undo option. Tap on Undo and it will unsend your email.


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