Learn Six Interesting Snapchat Tips and Tricks

By | August 14, 2017

Snapchat is a very popular social networking application. People from all age groups use this application. However, it is more popular amongst teenagers. Snapchat offers a plethora of features. You can capture an image or video, apply filters, text or emojis on top of it and share with your friends or public. People can view your post for a maximum of 10 seconds. And if you have added a story then after 24 hours it will be gone. An interesting feature of Snapchat is that if someone takes a screen shot of your post, then you will get a notification. Isn’t it amazing? If you are avid Snapchat user then there are few Snapchat tips and tricks which you should know.

Six Snapchat Tips and Tricks:

Play With More Colors:

It is very easy to doodle over your Snapchat image. Just tap on the pencil icon on the top right corner of the screen, and you will get different colors to play with. However, there are some extra colors available apart from the ones you can see.

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If you drag your finger from selected color pallet to left side of the screen, then you will get a different shade of the same color. Make sure to drag the finger in the straight horizontal line to get a different shade.

Snapchat color options

Easy Way to Find Celebrities:

Snapchat is very popular. A lot of celebrities use Snapchat, and it is very simple to find official celebrities account on Snapchat. If you are interested in following celebrities, then type Official in the search bar. It will show you a list of official accounts of different celebrities. However, it will not display the complete list of celebrities, but still, it is a cool way of looking for celebrities on Snapchat.

Use the Night Mode:

This one is my favorite from the list of Snapchat tips and tricks. There is a hidden night mode in Snapchat. I have tried it on multiple devices, but it only worked on iPhone 6 or higher. If you use the application in bad lightning condition, then a moon icon will automatically show up at the top. You can tap on that moon icon to activate or deactivate the night mode. If in case it does not show up then you can trigger it manually as well. Cover the camera lens of your phone with your fingers for a couple of minutes, and the icon will appear.

Use Two Different Filters:

The next on our list of Snapchat tips and tricks is ability to use different filters. Do you want to use two different filters? You can do it easily. Most of the users do not know that they can use two filters on their Snapchat pictures. To use two filters of your choice, apply the first filter then hold the snap with your finger and then swipe left or right with the other finger to apply the second filter. However, you cannot use two different banner overlays like weather, battery, location or time.

Create your Own Geo Filter:

If you are a Snapchat user, then you must be familiar with Geo filters. Now Snapchat allows users to create their own Geo Filters. This feature is only available in limited countries. You can head over to the Geo Filter Creation tool to create your own Geo filter. If you want to know more about the Geo filters and to learn how they work, then you should check out the Geo Filters FAQ.

Shazam a Song:

You can Shazam songs using Snapchat. If there is a song, then open your Snapchat, press and hold the song. It will find the complete details about the song for you. And if the singer or band has an official Snapchat account then you will also get an option to follow. It is a very cool feature that’s why I have it on my Snapchat tips and tricks list.

If there is some other trick then do share with us. Also give your feedback about out top 6 Snapchat tips and tricks. Your feedback means a lot.


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