How to Identify Correct Android Architecture and DPI for APK?

By | December 11, 2017

Android Architecture is mostly based on Arm, Arm64 or x86. It is not easy to identify correct Android architecture. Before you go on and install an Android application from websites like APKMirror, it is crucial to know the correct architecture and DPI of your device. If you are not familiar with either of them, then the application will not work on your phone.

Why Knowing Correct Android Architecture is Important?

If you have ever downloaded an APK from the Internet, then you might have encountered different versions based on the CPU architecture. Before downloading the app, it is essential to know about your phone’s architecture and dpi. Well, knowing dpi is not as important as knowing the correct architecture. There are nodpi apks available as well which can work on any phone. However, if you download an app for a different architecture and try installing it on the phone with different architecture, then it will not work.

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When you download an app from Google Play Store, it automatically detects the architecture and installs the correct version. However, when you download an app from a third party website, then you should be very careful.

Identify Correct Android Architecture for APK:

I will share a simple and useful guide to identify correct Android architecture for installing APK from a third party website.

  1. Download “Droid Info” application from here.
  2. Launch the application, it will ask for few permissions to generate report for you. Grand the required app permissions.
  3. Now head over to System tab inside the app.
  4. Find your phone’s architecture under CPU architecture section.

You can follow the above method to identify correct Android architecture. Below you can find compatibility of apps. ARM64 based phones can run also run ARM based applications.

  • ARM on ARM device: OK.
  • ARM64 on arm device: Not compatible.
  • ARM on ARM64 device: OK.
  • ARM64 on ARM64 device: OK.

How to identify your phone’s DPI:

  1. First of all, download the app ‘Display Info’ from this here.
  2. Install it on your phone and launch it.
  3. You can find your phone’s DPI in the Density Field.

Following the above guide will help you find the DPI. However, you can also download noDPI apps and they will run perfectly fine. If you still have questions on how to identify correct Android architecture then feel free to comment below.

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