How to Set up Samsung Pay on Note 8

By | September 27, 2017

Nothing makes it more secure than a whole wallet in your smartphone. Samsung Pay turns your smartphone into your wallet. Mobile payment system is now getting common and there are plenty of other services like Android Pay, Google Wallet and Apple Pay. It allows you to carry your debit, credit and membership cards with you on your smartphone. It is one of the most accepted mobile payment services through which you can pay at thousands of retail stores. Setting up Samsung Pay is easy but if you are wondering how can you set up Samsung Pay on Note 8 then here you can follow the steps.

Set up Samsung Pay on Note 8

Install Samsung Pay

  1. Open App drawer.
  2. Tap on “Samsung Pay“.
  3. An app will open. You’ll see an “Install” button at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it. It will download and install Samsung Pay.
  4. Its pretty big in size so it will take some time. Once its done, there will be an installation confirmation. Tap on “Install“.

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In few seconds, Samsung Pay will be installed in your smartphone. After that, there will be a introductory video which will show you the main features of Samsung Pay. To set up Samsung Pay on Note 8, you need a Samsung account. If you have one then just log in with your Samsung account and continue the process. In other case, create a Samsung account.

Add Credit or Debit cards to Samsung Pay on Note 8

Till now, you have installed Samsung Pay in your phone and logged in with Samsung account. Now, you have to set up Samsung Pay on Note 8. For that, follow the steps enlisted below.

  1. Once, you logged in with your Samsung account, you’ll see “Start” button at the bottom. Tap on it.
  2. A new screen will appear where you have to choose a verification method out of four different options. Verification methods will be:
    1. Iris and fingerprints
    2. Iris
    3. Fingerprints
    4. Pin only
  3. Tap “Next” after selecting the verification method. If you have selected the first option i.e. Iris and fingerprints then Samsung Pay will ask to verify the iris and fingerprints. These should match with the ones you have registered on your Galaxy Note 8.
  4. Now, you will add your credit or debit card details. At the bottom right corner, you’ll see “Add card” button. Tap on it to continue.
  5. Samsung Pay will ask you for the access to take photos and record video so allow it by tapping on “Allow” to continue.
  6. There will be two options to add your card details; you can either use your Galaxy Note 8’s camera, it will scan the card number and add the details or you can manually add your card details.
  7. If you have previously used Samsung Pay user and have already added card details then you can simply add them from the cards page. In order to add the card from cards page, you have to authorize them before using them.

It’s that simple. Share your experience with us in the comments section below.


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