Google Silently Released a New Google Maps Feature

By | July 22, 2017

Back in 2014, Google released a very nifty new Google Maps feature for the cyclists. The biking elevation feature is quite handy for the cyclists as it gives the complete timeline of the route. It helps the cyclist to choose the route with least elevation. You get to see the estimated elevation for each part of the route with small interactive map.

Now with new silent roll out of an update, Google released the same new Google Maps feature for the walking directions.

Is the New Google Maps Feature Useful?

The new Google Maps feature will show a complete timeline of the route from point A to B. There is a small interactive map which will also tell you an estimated elevation of each point of the route.

New Google Maps Feature

Using the small interactive map for all the possible route you can choose the one with the least elevation. This new feature is not only useful for professional hikers but will also help the common man. So, even before you start your journey, you can know about the estimated elevation throughout your route. So, based on this you can plan your trip accordingly. If you are someone who is not afraid of elevations, then you can go with the shortest route with the highest elevations. Isn’t it amazing?

At this point, we are not sure when Google released this new feature. However, we have already contacted Google to clarify this. Having said that we are confident, this feature was not available on the Google maps earlier. Our team has tried this new Google Maps feature, so we assume it is available for everyone.

One thing is interesting, we tried it on our smartphones as well but could not find it there. So, for now, it is only available for the desktop version of the Google Maps. We can safely say that Google will roll out the new feature for smartphones as well. It will be more useful on the smartphones.

Now based on the findings of the small interactive map you can plan your trips. You can save yourself from the trouble of going on a route with the highest elevation.

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