Google Play Store Not Working? Here’s What you Should Do!

By | August 26, 2017

Google Play Store is official Android application store. It has the maximum number of applications followed by Apple’s App store. Below image will give you a better idea of application distribution among different mobile application stores. Google Play Store offers a very simple and easy way to download applications on any Android phone. It also lets you update the application. However, lately, a lot of people have complained that Google Play Store is not working. If play store app is not working, then you will not be able to download new applications or update current ones with ease.

App Stores ranking based on number of apps

Why is Play Store not working? This is a good question. There are different reasons for this. In most cases, it is because of poor Internet connection. However, there are many other reasons due to which Google Play stop working. So, if Google Play Store not working, then you should read this article because you will find different methods to fix the issue.

Google Play Store Note Working? Easy Solutions to fix it!

Restart Device:

In most of the cases if you simply restart your phone your issue will be solved. It is the first and the most important troubleshoot to fix any issue on your device. If you are facing any issue on your phone, then you must first restart your device before trying out other solutions and methods. In most of the cases, a simple restart will fix Google Play Store no connection issue.

Check your Internet Connection:

Google Play Store no connection issue is due to bad or poor Internet connection. If your Google Play Store does not load even after restarting the device then may be the bad Internet connection is the cause of this issue. Test your Internet connection. Reboot the modem, and it may prove helpful in solving Google Play Store no connection issue.

Check Date and Time:

I am sure you are familiar that your desktop acts weird when date and time are not correct. Most of the times you are not able to access certain websites just because date and time on your system are not correct. So, if you are facing Google Play Store not working issue, then you should check your phone’s date and time. If the date and time on the phone are not correct, then set them as per your location. In 90% of cases, fixing date and time solves the Google Play Store no connection issue.

Clear App Cache:

Clearing app cache solves most of the issues. So, if you have already tried out above methods but none worked for you then clearing app cache may work. It is very simple. Go to Settings, open Application Manager, open Google Play Store and tap on Clear App cache.

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If in case you are still facing the issue and Google Play Store no connection error is still bothering you then try clearing app data. You will lose your Google Play Store app data, but it is worth trying.

Force Close Google Play Store:

To fix Google Play Store not working error you should try force close. Go to your phone’s settings, open Application manager, find Google Play Store, open it and tap on Force Close. In most of the cases, a simple Force Close can fix Google Play Store not working error.

Update Google Play Services:

Google Play Services is the core of all Google based services on your Android phone. Therefore, it is important that Google Play Services is updated to make sure that your Android phone works flawlessly. It is highly recommended that you check for the update of Google Play Services. If there is an update available for Play Services, then download the latest version from APK Mirror and install it on your phone.

Last Resort:

If you have tried out above methods, and you are still facing Google Play Store not working issue then you only have one option left. You should try restarting your phone. This is actually the last resort and will definitely fix Google Play Store no connection issue on your phone.


If you have any other working method to fix Google Play Store not working issue then feel free to share with us.



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