Google Bisto: Google’s Very Own Smart Headphone?

By | August 23, 2017

There are different rumors in the market suggesting that Google is working on its own smart headphones. If these rumors are true then it looks like that Google is all set to challenge the likes of  the Bragi Dash line and the Apple’s Airpods. The 9to5Google team was able to find out some references to the headphones from the Google app code. The references also suggested that the upcoming headphones are codenamed as Google Bisto.

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One thing is interesting here; several code strings suggest that it will not be a single Google product. In fact, it is going to be a class of headphones that different OEMs can manufacture. It would be interesting to see how different OEMs are going to adopt Google Bistro. In simple words, just like smart watches, Google will provide the software and services whereas OEMs will have the choice to introduce different hardware and styles in the market.

What is Special About Google Bisto?

The Google App also gave some idea about the features of the upcoming Google headphones. These headphones will definitely reduce the use of smartphone for answering calls or replying to text messages.

It will use Google Assistant to perform different tasks. Using Google Bisto, you do not have to open your phone to read and reply to your text messages. These headphones will read the text message to you, and you can reply to the message using your voice. Isn’t it amazing?

Moreover, as soon as you receive notifications it will play a low notification sound. And to read those notifications one by one aloud you will have to tap and hold a button. This button will most probably be located on left side of the headphones.

These new headphones will be able to get OTA updates as well.

When Google Bisto is Coming?

At this time, there is no information about the release of Google Bisto. However, Google will announce the new Pixel lineup in October. So, we can expect some announcement related to the smart headphones in that event.

Source: 9to5Google

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