How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A5 not recognized by PC

By | November 6, 2017

Samsung Galaxy A5 is a midrange smartphone from Samsung. It is quite popular mainly because of the value it offers for a very decent price. However, there is a very common issue with Galaxy A series by Samsung. Lately, a lot of people reported Galaxy A5 not recognized by PC issue. When we started digging this, we found out that other smartphones of this series also have the same problem. So, it is not limited to Samsung Galaxy A5. Therefore, we decided to find a solution for this issue.

If your PC or laptop is not able to recognize your phone, then you can transfer the data. Moreover, if you want to root your phone, then it is not possible if you are facing this issue. It is essential to have the latest Samsung Galaxy A5 drivers on your laptop otherwise your phone will not connect. When you do not have correct Samsung Galaxy A5 drivers then you will get a standard error message; “USB device not recognized.” So, in this guide, we will help you to fix Galaxy A5 not recognized by PC.

Reasons for Galaxy A5 Not Recognized by PC Issue:

When you connect your phone with a laptop then it automatically detects the phone and install the latest drivers. However. if laptop does not recognizes your phone and it does not show up as drive on your laptop then there is an issue. There are different reasons if Galaxy A5 does not connect with your laptop. Let’s have a look at the potential reasons for this issue.

  1. USB Cable is damaged.
  2. Latest Samsung Galaxy A5 drivers are missing.
  3. Permission not granted to phone to connect with a device.
  4. USB port of mobile is not working.

In this guide, we will start with some troubleshooting and finally fix the issue.

Fix Galaxy A5 Not Recognized by PC Issue:

Firstly check if your data cable and Galaxy A5 charging port are working fine. Try charging the phone and if it is charging normally then both the cable and charging port of Galaxy A5 are working fine. If there is some issue in charging then try changing the cable and it will solve the problem for you.

Now make sure to enable the USB data connection on your Galaxy A5. When you connect your phone with the laptop it gives you different options in notification panel on your phone. When you connect your phone with a laptop then you can choose from following option. These options show up in the notification panel.

  1. Charge this device
  2. Supply Power
  3. Transfer photos
  4. Transfer files
  5. Use device as MIDI

If you do not see these options then chances are that either USB debugging is turned off or you do not have Samsung Galaxy A5 drivers. Now we will talk about these two issues in detail to fix Galaxy A5 not recognized by PC problem for you.

Download Samsung Galaxy A5 Drivers:

Installing latest Samsung Galaxy A5 USB drivers on your windows machine can fix the problem. You can download the latest drivers from here. After downloading, install the drivers on your Windows machine.

Now try connecting your phone again with the laptop. If you still face Galaxy A5 not recognized by PC problem then we need to enable USB debugging to get rid of the issue.

Enable USB Debugging to Fix Galaxy A5 not recognized by PC:

If you are reading this section of the guide, then it is confirmed that you are still facing the issue. And I can assure you that following this guide you will end up fixing Galaxy A5 not recognized by PC problem. To fix the issue we have to enable USB debugging. Do you know how to do it? Well, even if you have no idea then do not worry because we will explain the method below.

Go to your phone’s settings and look for developers option. If you do not see developer’s option then we have to enable developer’s option on Android. To enable it follow below steps.

  1. Open About Device from phone settings.
  2. Look for build number and tap on it 4 to 5 times.
  3. This will enable developers options and it will now show up in your phone settings.

Now let’s move ahead and enable USB debugging on Galaxy A5.

  1. Open Developer Options.
  2. Look for USB Debugging.
  3. Enable USB debugging and you are good to go.

Now your laptop will easily recognize your Galaxy A5. You will finally get rid of Galaxy A5 not recognized by PC problem.


3 thoughts on “How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A5 not recognized by PC

  1. Jaco

    I have followed above advice but my PC still doesn’t recognise my A5.
    My phone recently started switching on and off randomly followed by very short battery life.
    I need to download files and photos before resetting the phone.

    Pleeeeease help!

    1. Mike Post author

      Connect your phone with a charger and transfer all important files and photos to your memory card.


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