How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Red Tint Issue

By | November 28, 2017

Galaxy Note 8 is the newest and so far the best addition to the Samsung’s Note series. After last year’s disastrous Note 7, Samsung has made up for its previous year’s failure with Note 8. There is no doubt that Galaxy Note 8 is the best phone available on the market right now. However, there are a few issues with Note 8 as well. Most of the people reported Galaxy Note 8 red tint issue. We received a lot of queries asking if their phone’s display is defective or is there any solution to Galaxy Note 8 pink tint issue. Therefore, our team decided to cover an article on this subject and discuss it in detail with possible solutions.

What is Galaxy Note 8 Red Tint Issue?

Note 8 pink tint issue is very common. A lot of people has reported this issue. In fact, I also noticed the same problem on my phone. Therefore, I started digging into this. Mostly Galaxy Note 8 red tint is visible on the top part of the screen. You can see the pink or red shade when you move the phone back and forth. It is not apparent on normal viewing angles, but when you tilt your phone or move it back and forth, you can easily notice the tint. For a $1000 phone, this screen tint issue is not welcome.

Is Note 8 Red Screen Issue due to Faulty Display?

Before we go on and discuss possible solutions, it is important to discuss why this issue shows up. Most of the people think that it is due to faulty display. In fact, a lot of people returned their phone just because of they thought their device had a defective display. Let me make it very clear Galaxy Note 8 red tint issue is not due to a faulty display.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has the best display we have ever seen on a smartphone. Galaxy Note 8 pink tint is because of poor color calibration. The tint on the screen is because the display calibration is not right. You do not have to worry about it. Fixing this issue is possible. With proper screen calibration, you can get rid of Note 8 red screen.

Fix Galaxy Note 8 Red Tint Issue:

We will discuss two different methods to fix Note 8 pink tint issue. Both the methods work perfectly fine. It is up to personal liking that which method you choose to fix this problem.

Method 1:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Display.
  3. Now open screen mode.
  4. Choose Adaptive Display and tap on Advanced options.
  5. Now set color balance as per the below image. However, you can adjust cold/warm slider as per your requirements.

Fix for Galaxy Note 8 Red Tint Issue

Method 2:

Here is another method to Galaxy Note 8 Red tint issue. I personally like this method as it is more accurate and fixes the Note 8 pink tint issue completely.

  1. Dial *#15987# to adjust the red tint of the display.
  2. It will open a menu in front of you with different options.
  3. You can either tap on 3 or 4 and it will fix the Note 8 red screen issue for you.

Try any of the methods to fix Note 8 red tint issue. If you still face the red tint issue I will recommend you to get a replacement.

7 thoughts on “How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Red Tint Issue

  1. Luis

    HI, Did you have the chance to compare two different note 8 with different model number? I compared two different note 8 with two different model number, and the screens are different. I think this is normal? can you confirm?

    THank you.

    1. Mike Post author

      I compared two 950F Note 8. One of them had slightly red tint and other one was perfectly fine. It is normal. I just played around with display settings and red tint was gone on other device as well.

  2. Shlomi

    For some rrason on a 3rd party like youtube it changes back the settings back like it does not take care of the *#15987# menu and inside youtube it is a little pinky when you go out i1it is normal

  3. Fahad Iqbal

    I tried the *#15987#. While that fixes the issue somewhat. The display itself becomes terrible with undersaturated colors. How do i restore that setting to its factory default mode? Like i had it set at -12. Then i reset the device but when i checked it was still at -12.


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