Find out If Your Device is Vulnerable to BlueBorne Bluetooth Vulnerability

By | September 27, 2017

If you are a tech enthusiast or follow the tech news regularly, then you must be familiar with BlueBorne Bluetooth Vulnerability. It is a virus which has the potential to exploit any device through Bluetooth regardless of the operating. In fact, many cases have been reported for the so-called ‘SECURED’ IOS where iPhone was open to BlueBorne Bluetooth Vulnerability. This virus can effect your IOS, Android or Windows device. In fact, any other platform with Bluetooth is vulnerable.

What is BlueBorne Bluetooth Vulnerability?

The blueborne virus takes control of your phone through Bluetooth which puts the security of your phone at risk. As soon as you turn on the Bluetooth, this virus will take control of your phone. As soon as the virus takes control, all your phone data and personal information stored on the phone will be stolen. Unlike other Bluetooth viruses, it does not require you to pair your phone with any other device. This virus is activated as soon as your Bluetooth is turned on.

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Armis an IoT security company first reported the BlueBorne Bluetooth vulnerability.  The company also released an application which helps to find out if your phone is infected with the virus. BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner application is available on the Google Play Store. We recommend our users to download the application and scan their phones to find out if their phones are vulnerable to Blueborne virus or not.

BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner by Armis:

Let’s take a look at BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner. I scanned my phone using this application. I am attaching the screenshots below to show you how this application works.

BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner

BlueBorne Bluetooth Vulnerability

If you look at the above screenshots, you can notice that my Samsung Galaxy S7 is vulnerable to BlueBorne Bluetooth Vulnerability. The application also recommends me to install the latest security patch. However, when I checked the system update, there was no new security update. So, I assume that Samsung will release the next security update for S7 by the mid of October.

I will recommend all our readers to please install this application and scan your phone. If in case, it shows that your phone is vulnerable, then please install the latest security patch. However, if there is no security update, then please do not use Bluetooth until your phone manufacturer releases the security update.  Do not turn on your Bluetooth to keep your personal information safe from hackers.


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