How to Enable Developer Option on Android?

By | December 6, 2017

Developer options on Android are quite handy. There are many options hidden under “Developer Options” which may change the way you use your phone. Android developer options are primarily for the developers, but ordinary Android users can also use them. By default, these options are hidden in the settings menu. There is no Developer Options apk. So, now the question is how to enable developer options on Android?

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It is not an issue to enable to developer options on Android. In fact, it is very simple. We will share few simple steps which will allow you to access developer options on your Android phone.

Steps to Enable Developer Options on Android:

There is a misconception among people that there is some developer options apk. And you have to install the apk to access those options. Well, it is just a misconception and has nothing to do with the reality. I will share simple steps with you. Follow the below steps you can open a whole new world of different options.

  • Open your phone’s Settings.
  • Go to About Device.
  • Open Software Information.
  • Find Build Number and tap on it 7 to 8 times.

Following the above steps will enable developer options on your phone. However, on some phones build number is available in About Device instead of software information.

Why you Should Enable Developer Options on Android?

Rooting and Flashing Custom ROMs:

If you are someone who likes to root and flash custom roms on the phone then you need developer options. In fact, in latest phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 8 there is an OEM unlock option inside developer options. If you enable it then installing custom roms become so much easier. However, some features like Samsung Pay, Knox and others may not work with custom ROMs.

Limit Background Processes:

If you have developer options on your phone then you can limit the background processes. This option is set to Standard by default. However, there are various other options available. All you have to do is play around with other options and then set limit background processes as per your requirement. Sound amazing, right?

Fake you phone’s GPS Location:

There is an optionĀ Select mock location appĀ which allows you to fake gps location of your phone. It is an exciting option to play around. And you can even trick your friends by Faking your phone’s gps location. However, to use this feature you will need an application. And I will recommend you to try Fake GPS Location.

There are many other benefits. I will recommend you to enable developer options on Android and play with other options to explore this great feature in detail.

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