How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos on Android Devices

By | August 11, 2017

Instagram is a very popular social network application. Since its launch back in 3rd April 2012, this Facebook owned application has become popular amongst selfie lovers and Photoholics. According to Wikipedia, about 1 million people installed Instagram on the day of its launch. From these figures, we can get the idea about its popularity. So, let’s talk about different methods to download Instagram photo and videos on Android.

Most of the people are looking for ways to save Instagram photos and videos on the device. Unfortunately, there is no such option in the official application. As per our information, the developers do not have any intention to add this feature in coming months. So, is there any other way to download Instagram photos on Android?

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So, today we are going to share some third party applications which will allow you to download Instagram photos and videos on Android.

Download Instagram Photos with OGInsta+

OGInsta+ is the best third party Instagram application available in the market. It has a very clean and smooth user interface. In fact, its user interface is quite similar to the official Instagram application, and it also has all the official features. However, it comes with some very useful extra features. OCInsta+ allows you to download photos, videos, stories and also gives you an option to zoom in and out of photos.

download instagram photos - OGIntsa+

Open the OGInsta+ application on your Android phone. Click on the three dot buttons to bring up the share menu. It is similar to the official application. However, it comes with some extra options. And these options are pretty useful for avid users.

There are two extra options available apart from the other options you see on official application.

  1. Download
  2. Copy Share URL

Download Option on OGInsta+

Download option will allow you to download Instagram photos and videos on your phone. Downloaded media will be stored on your device. The process works very smoothly in the background. You also have the option to store the media either on your phone or memory. You can play with storage settings in the settings menu.

Copy Share URL

Copy share URL is another interesting option. It gives you the freedom to share the media with anyone and anywhere you want. Furthermore, using copy share URL, you can also embed the Instagram photos or videos on your website and blog.

How to Install OGInsta+ on Android?

Installing OGInsta+ is not as simple as installing any other application on your phone. This application is not available on the Google Play Store. Therefore, you will have to download the APK from the official website and install it on your phone.

  1. Download OGInsta+ from here
  2. Now go to Settings > Security and Allow installing applications from Unknown sources

Now when you have the application on your phone you are good to go.

Download Instagram Photos and Videos with InstaSaver

InstaSaver is very simple application to use for downloading media from Instagram. You can download InstaSaver from Google Play Store. Open the application enable the InstaSaver switch and check the Insta save box to allow storing media on your phone without any confirmation.

Now open your Instagram application, click on the three dots and select copy sgare url. This will start downloading the media in background.

Try these two applications and download Instagram photos on Android phone.

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