How to Delete Google History and Data?

By | July 22, 2017

There is no doubt that Google knows us more than our family members and friends. Google keeps the record of everything you do on Google products and services. Google stores all the Internet history that goes through any of the services or products of the tech giant. This is quite alarming considering that Google is now everywhere. Therefore, it is important you should be aware of how to delete Google history and data from time to time.

The good thing is that Google is quite transparent about the data it stores. The tech giant also allows the user to delete Google history and data. So, today we will discuss this in detail. We will try to find out how to opt out of this Google program and how to delete your Google history. We also encourage our readers to read the Google Privacy Policy. This will help you understand that what sort of data Google stores and what company does with the data and history.

Is there a Need to Delete Google History and Data?

For most of the people it is quite concerning to find out that Google stores a lot of information. If you look at your “My Activity” then you will realize that Google stores a lot of information. It store more than just your browsing/web history. Google stores your web history, location, application, YouTube and device information. This scares the shit out of you, right?

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Why Google is storing all of this information? The answer is quite simple. Google use the data to offer you a much better user experience while you use its services or products. In simple words, Google is trying to make thing simple and convenient for you.

Do you get Google Now traffic notification while you are your way to work? Do you get any pending invoice notification from Google? You also receive your flight details notifications, right? So, if you find all this useful then you should not think about deleting your Google history and data. Furthermore, your search results and ads are all accurate just because Google display results using the information from the stored data and history. Think again! Do you really want to delete the Google history?

How to Disable Google History and Data?

May be you do not want to delete Google history but you want to disable it for the time being. Yes, it is quite possible. You can reactivate it later.

  1. Access your Google History and data from My Activity.
  2. From the left panel access Activity Controls.
  3. Now you find list of all activities from which Google stores your history and data.
  4. There is a toggle to disable certain activity.
  5. Turning it off will make sure Google does not access data and history of your that activity.

This is quite simple. We also recommend our readers to disable Google history instead of deleting the entire Google data and history.

Activity Controls

Delete Google History and Data:

Deleting your Google history and data is very simple. It comes with different filters which helps you to delete Google history based on your requirements. You can either delete the history based on dates or by products. You also have the option to delete the entire history and data.

  1. Go to My Activity.
  2. From the left panel select Delete Activity by.
  3. Set filters as you wish and press the Delete button to delete your Google data.

Delete Google history and data

It does not ensure that Google will stop tracking your activity. As long as you are using Google services and products, company will track your activity.

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