How to know if I am blocked on Whatsapp

By | October 16, 2017

In case you are wondering if you are block on WhatsApp then you are on the right page. Many tell-tale signs can help you understand whether or not you are blocked WhatsApp contacts. There are basically four ways in which you can tell if you are block on WhatsApp. However, there may be many other reasons that may result in the same signs mentioned.  The reason for this is because WhatsApp has made it deliberately difficult to tell if a given contact has actually blocked you or not to help maintain user’s policy.

Block on WhatsApp? How to find out?

Let’s have a look at the four primary signs that indicate you have a block on WhatsApp:

The ‘Last Seen’ status

In case you check for the ‘last seen’ time on someone’s WhatsApp profile and find no information then chances are high that you are a block WhatsApp contact. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have actually been blocked. There may be other reasons as to why you are unable to see the ‘last seen’ time of a contact. May be they have hid the last seen timestamp deliberately from the privacy settings.

The Double Check feature

Whenever you send a message to the other party, and the other side receives it, then you get a double check against the message. In case the other party does read the message then the double check marks will turn to blue in color. In case you notice that the double check marks have turned to blue then you can rest assured that you are not blocked on WhatsApp!

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Even if it does not turn blue then there are some chances that you are not blocked. From the settings you can change if you do not want others to know if you have read the messages.

Try making a call

You can test if you are blocked on WhatsApp by calling the other person. In case the call fails to go through then the chances are high that you are blocked. Bear in mind however that calls not going through may not be a definite indication that you have been blocked. This is because there may be other reasons for the call not going through such as a change in the number or a broken phone.

Profile Picture

In case you are unable to check out the other party’s profile picture updates then you may have been block on WhatsApp.  You can tell by making use of another account say a mutual friend’s phone to crosscheck with the other person’s profile picture. In case you get two different pictures, with yours being the last picture you saw of the contact then it could mean that you have been blocked.

All four signs mentioned above may not be a clear indication that you have been blocked on whatsapp. However, if all four signs are present then chances are pretty high that you have been blocked! There are chances that due to no Internet connection a couple of above signs may show up. So, in this case do not worry.


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