Top 5 Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android in 2017

By | September 12, 2017

2017 is the year of Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are there for many years, but they became trendy and common in 2017. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. Lately, a lot of people are asking about the best Bitcoin wallets for Android. Therefore, we decided to cover a detailed article on best Bitcoin wallets for Android in 2017. So, our readers can select a good Bitcoin wallet based on their requirements.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency which uses a decentralized technology for storing and transactions.  Using Bitcoin, you can make secure and fast transactions without requiring any bank or people. It was developed back by a Japanese developer. It was released as an open source software back in 2009. Now if we talk about its value, there is an increase of $3000 – $4000 in 2017 alone. So, it appears to be a perfect investment opportunity, and this is the only reason why people are looking for Bitcoin wallets for Android in 2017.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

Bitcoin wallet stores all the important information required to make any transactions. Most of the people think that Bitcoin wallet stores the Bitcoin but actually it stores the private key. Private keys are the super complex password which only Bitcoin network can decode. Bitcoin wallets allow you to connect with the Bitcoin system.

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There are different kinds of wallets, for example, Bitcoin wallets for iPhone, desktop, web, and others. However, today we are only going to talk about the five best Bitcoin wallets for Android easily available on Google Play Store.

Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android in 2017


MyCelium is without any doubts the best Bitcoin wallet for Android. We have a couple of colleagues who are also using MyCelium just because of the clean interface and plethora of features it offers to Android users. Most notable features include storing Bitcoins, managing multiple accounts and creating backups. Moreover, it is Hierarchical Deterministic wallet enabled which means that for every Bitcoin transaction it creates a new address. MyCelium also allows you to trade locally. It uses your GPS location and finds nearby Bitcoin traders.  We liked this feature a lot.


Coinbase is a great Bitcoin wallet for everyone. In fact, we recommend our iPhone users to try out Coinbase because it is a very good Bitcoin wallet for iPhone users. If you are new to the world of Bitcoin, then Coinbase is tailored made for you. It is very simple and self-explanatory. Moreover, it allows you to trade between Bitcoins and traditional dollars. However, it involves a pervasive verification process at the time of registration. This also helps in building the trust in the world of Cryptocurrency.


We recommend Copay to all those who want to access their Bitcoin wallet from different devices. It has a very neat user interface. It also supports the newly designed BIP (Bitcoin Payment Protocol) by developers.

Bitcoin Wallet – Airbitz

If you make Bitcoin transactions quite frequently, then Airbitz is best Bitcoin wallet for you. You can even link your bank account and trade Bitcoins. Moreover, it also offers you to make purchases using Bitcoin. For example, you can purchase a Starbucks 20% discount voucher using Bitcoins. It offers a lot of features, and the team is working on some new exciting features as well.


Breadwallet is a very popular Bitcoin wallet for iPhone. It was first launched for iPhone and iPad users. However, after the success on IOS devices, it is now available for Android as well. It allows you trade Bitcoins securely. It also lets users make payments to retailers and websites accepting Bitcoins as the payment method. At this time, it does not have some high-end features, but still, we recommend it for beginners.

So, here is our list of top 5 best Bitcoin wallets for Android. Hope you liked it. If there is another Bitcoin wallet worth mentioning then feel free to comment below. We will update our list of best Bitcoin wallets for Android.


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