How to Access Samsung Cloud from PC?

By | October 2, 2017

Samsung Cloud is a cloud storage service from Samsung. It is a perfect cloud storage option for you if you use Galaxy smartphones. If you are Samsung fanboy and always prefer using a Samsung smartphone, then we will highly recommend you to create Samsung cloud account and use it. It offers an effortless and flawless backup, restore, and sync experience across all your Galaxy devices. It also offers you the freedom to restore your Galaxy device from the backup. Isn’t it amazing? However, the major concern for most of the people is that is there an option to access Samsung cloud from PC?

Is it possible to access Samsung Cloud from PC?

We saw a lot of people asking the same question on different. People are not sure if they can access Samsung cloud from PC or not? What if you are not using Galaxy device anymore then is it possible to access Samsung Cloud photos? It is a valid question. Therefore, we decided to find out if it is possible to access Samsung cloud photos from PC.

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We started digging the Samsung Cloud service in detail. We contacted their support team but did not get any useful answer. All they had to say was that due to security reasons we do not allow to access Samsung Cloud from PC. Well, we personally think it is more to keep people using the Galaxy devices. However, after a couple of days, our team found a solution to access Samsung Cloud photos on PC. Yes, you can store a lot of stuff on your Samsung Cloud account, but for now, we could only find a solution to access Samsung Cloud photos on PC.

Access Samsung Cloud from PC:

As mentioned earlier the method we are going to share will only allow you to access Samsung Cloud photos on PC. You will not be able to access your contacts or any other data stored on Samsung Cloud account. As per company’s representative, there is no way to access Samsung Cloud from PC. However, the application and the method we will share is official. There is an official application from Samsung which allows people to access Samsung cloud photos on PC.

Guide to Access Samsung Cloud Photos on PC:

We are going to access Samsung cloud photos from PC using an official app. So, use the below method without fear.

  • Download PC Gallery official application from here.
  • After installing the application, launch it and click on the avatar located on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now enter your Samsung Cloud credentials to login to your Samsung Cloud account.
  • It will login to your Samsung Cloud account and start syncing your photos. You can check the sync progress by click on avatar.

Samsung Cloud syncing on laptop

  • When it is done syncronising your images it will show all your Samsung Cloud images.
  • On the left hand side it will show you a list of folder/albums for easy access.

Access Samsung cloud from PC

Share your feedback on our step by step guide to access Samsung Cloud from PC. If you any questions feel free to comment below.

7 thoughts on “How to Access Samsung Cloud from PC?

  1. Adrin Phillips

    Well sounds all good, but only works with Win 10. I am still using Win 7 64bit so no Luck

  2. Kamal Vyas

    Thanks a lot.
    It seems this works fine.
    But as expected from Samsung, it has its own built in issues that cant be done away with.
    I guess my Galaxy S7 Edge is the last Samsung device I have.

  3. E

    “Get the app” on that store page is greyed out and it says it is not available on my “device”. I am using my Windows 7 desktop PC. Can it be that it only works on Windows 10 or something???

  4. Peter

    Sorry, but your solution doesn’t work at all on Windows-10-run computers. The Microsoft Srote doesn’t allow to download and install the Samsung Gallery.
    My solution: DON’T BUY a SAMSUNG PHONE!!!

  5. Ugne

    Hi, is it possible, that only once signed in you can reach all data (photos, videos) in Samsung Cloud? I think that came to me… I tried to download everything once signed but probably it was unsuccesful. And now I signed again and I see only latest photos of my crashed Samsung S6 Edge. Please tell me there is a solution and my photos and videos didn’t dissaper… 🙂

  6. Erayna

    Thanks worked perfectly – downloaded my photos. Any ideas how I can view my old messages. It only says I can restore to a new phone but they are old messages that I had on previous phone that I don’t want to lose or restore. How can I view those messages? Any ideas.


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