How to Install Amazon App Store on Android?

By | August 2, 2017

Android already has its own Google Play Store. However, being an open source operating system Android does not discourage the competition. However, there is no real threat to Google Play Store. If we look at the available app stores, the stats make it quite clear that Play Store is the largest app store available. Next is the Apple’s app store. However, there is one store which is right now at number 4, but it is getting popular with time. Yes, we are talking about the Amazon App store which comes with free goodies. And today we will talk about “How to Install Amazon App Store on Android.”

App Stores ranking based on number of apps

Why Install Amazon App Store on Android?

In all honesty, Amazon app store does not have much to show off. It only has a fraction of applications available as compared to Google Play Store. Furthermore, Play Store is not going anywhere since it is the official app store for Android. Secondly, most of the developers prefer using the Play Store since it has a huge database of apps, it is popular, and it is convenient to roll out the update to one store only. So, why would anyone want Amazon app store on Android?

There is a group of people, although a very small, prefer using customer ROMs on Android without any Google services. In this case, Amazon store comes in handy. Though it does not have huge number of applications like the Play Store but it does have all the popular applications. So, it is a very good alternative.

Another solid reason to use Amazon App store is the free stuff you can get there. According to Amazon, the company gives away stuff of around $20,000 including games, applications and in-app purchases. The free content available there is not just the new unknown applications, but also popular apps likeĀ Monument Valley, DuckTales, Office Suite Pro 8 and more are available completely free on Amazon app store. Furthermore, these applications are actually free because the in-app purchases are free as well. A perfect example is Angry Birds. It is Actually Free application as all in-app purchases are free of cost.

Perfect Example of Actually Free Application:

Now Amazon itself draws the comparison between Amazon Underground and Google Play Store. From the below image it is quite clear that Jetpack Joyride is actually free on Amazon Underground whereas after in-app purchases the cost of game reaches to $41.15 on Play Store.

However, these free applications are only available inĀ United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France. If you are from any of the listed countries then follow our below step by step guide to install Amazon App store on Android.

Guide to Install Amazon App Store on Android:


  1. Follow this link to download Amazon Underground on your Android phone.

Steps to Install Amazon App Store on Android:

  • Go to Setting -> Security and enable Installation from Unknown sources.
  • Download the Amazon Underground apk from the link mentioned above. It may take a couple of minutes as it is 50 MB in size.
  • Install the application and enjoy free applications.

We hope you enjoyed our step by step guide to install the Amazon Store on Android. Share your favorite application in the comments section.

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